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Haunted Almanac

A hardcover anthology of tabletop games published by the Ennies Award winner Nate Treme. 


Games Omnivorous


Print, Editorial


November 2021

The Haunted Almanac is a collection of tabletop games and modules the Ennies Award winner Nate Treme published in the form of fanzines during 2019-2021 period. Since each game was published in diferent formats, materials and dimensions, the project scope demanded a new layout for all them that basically accomplished two things:

1. Unity

The games are part of a whole and the book should work as an anthology. Frankenstein is cool to a certain degree.

2. Diversity

At the same time, each project should feel alive with it’s own vibrant personality, distinct from each other.

The Black Edge

One of the ways to achieve the unity was to visually seal the book as if it was an arcane dark tome. The black painted edge really made the object feel like a forbidden treasure box.

The Content Collage

The DIY spirit of Treme’s art inspired me to design a meta-collage. Mixing his own art with remixed public domain art I’ve managed to create a visual syntax through the project.

Results &

Compassion, social return on investment via a global, thought provoking correlation by indicating a scalable & visionary compelling growth state.